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Work Packages

A diagrammatic presentation of the overall work plan structure of ACE2-EU for the next 4 years and a brief description of the main objectives of each of the WPs is provided below.

WP1: Coordination and Management: This work package provides the foundations of our collaborative work and coordinates the governance and management structures and operations of our alliance, including the coordination and management of partner contributions and the quality assurance of the overall work plan. This work package will provide a set of tools for internal guidance (Project Management and Quality Handbook, Risk Assessment T able, Quality Control and Evaluation plan), a platform for carrying out regular (online and face-to- face) transnational meetings to ensure proper partner communication and engagement, as well as guaranteeing appropriate project monitoring including quality control, evaluation of the results and delivery of official reports.

WP2: ACE2-EU Applied Programmes and Pedagogy Factory (APP- Factory); Creating Joint Learning Opportunities: The main objective of this work package is to deliver on the educational mission of ACE2-EU through the establishment of a joint operational unit to be known as the ACE2-EU Applied Programmes and Pedagogy Factory (APP Factory) The ACE2-EU APP Factory will be responsible for the:

• Development and delivery of joint learning opportunities in partnership with external stakeholders focussed on solving real-world challenges, utilising blended, active learning methods such aschallenge and work-based pedagogical approaches.

• Development and delivery of pedagogical training programmes focused on embedding the ACE2-EU active learning educational mission and strategy among staff engaged in the development and delivery of our joint programmes in partnership with external stakeholders.

WP3: ACE2-EU Applied Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Support Incubator (ARIES-Incubator); Creating Joint Research and Innovation Opportunities: The main objective of this work package is to develop and deliver the joint research, innovation and entrepreneurship support programmes and activities of the alliance in collaboration with external stakeholders and partners through the establishment of the ACE2-EU Applied Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Support Incubator (ARIES-Incubator). The ARIES Incubator’s work plan will focus on:

• The development and delivery of joint research & innovation opportunities and activities in partnership with external stakeholders. This objective will be achieved through the establishment of the ACE2-EU Applied Research, Development, and Innovation Centres (ARCs) and their associated initiatives and support programmes.

• The development of the entrepreneurship innovation capacity of members of ACE2-EU through the establishment of the ACE2-EU Entrepreneurship Academy.

WP4: ACE2-EU Societal Partnerships And Cultural Engagement Centre (SPACE Centre); Creating Joint Service to Society and Cultural Awareness Opportunities: The main objective of this work package is to develop and deliver joint student-centred service to society and cultural awareness learning opportunities and activities in collaboration with relevant external stakeholders through the establishment of the ACE2-EU Societal Partnerships And Cultural Engagement Centre (SPACE Centre). The main elements of the SPACE Centre work plan will include:

• The creation of ACE2-EU Social Impactors focussed on tackling social challenges in partnership with government and societal stakeholder groups. Social impactors will be established in areas such as social wellbeing, inclusion & multiculturalism, dignity, respect, and gender equality.

• The creation of the ACE2-EU Culture Hub which brings together cultural expertise drawn from alliance members and their relevant external partners to expand the collective knowledge of the different cultures of alliance members, and to enhance integration, inclusion, mutual respect, and multiculturalism across our alliance.

WP5: ACE2-EU e-Campus. Facilitating the Operation of our Inter-University Campus: The main objective of this work package is to establish the ACE2-EU e-Campus which will be pivotal to the operation and support of all the activities, systems, and services of our inter-university campus, The ACE2-EU e-Campus will act as the digital platform for all our shared digital and IT systems including our: Virtual Learning Environment, Library information Systems, Experts and Networks Databases, Activities and Programmes Catalogue and Databases, Admissions and Registration System, Student Support System, Staff Support System, External Stakeholder Engagement and Support Systems, ACE2-EU Communications, Programme Management and Dissemination Systems, and our Website and Public Information Systems.

WP6: Embedding EU Values & Enhancing Mobility Across ACE2-EU: The main objectives of this work package are to:

• Embed the core values and principles of the European Union across our alliance in our joint activities and among the stakeholders of ACE2-EU, thus strengthening European Identity.

• Further, deepen transnational cooperation within ACE2-EU through the expansion and enhancement of mobility opportunities and activities across our alliance.

WP7: Ensuring the Sustainability of our ACE2-EU Inter-University Campus: The main objective of this work package will be the development of an agreed, joint, and robust sustainability strategy and associated implementation plan for ACE2-EU, concentrating on:

• Creating a financial plan for the continued sustainable development of the alliance

• Developing an action plan to further develop our shared governance and management structures, operational units, systems, resources, personnel, policies, and procedures.

• Producing a roadmap for the roll out of further and future joint activities, programmes, and initiatives.

• Devising an expansion plan for the alliance to incorporate new members from other EU countries and other global partners.

• Achieving a common legal status for the alliance includes, launching a pilot legal status initiative during this project cycle.

WP8: Communications, Dissemination, and Impact: The main objective of this WP is to maximize the recognition, reach and impact of ACE2-EU through the development of;

• Effective internal and external communication systems focussed on promoting and embedding the ACE2-EU mission, values, objective, brand, and activities across the alliance stakeholder community and the broader European Higher Education Area.

• Dissemination and impact assessment activities focus on disseminating and sharing the outcomes, good practices, and impact of our alliance with diverse target groups within our own jurisdictions and across the EU.