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Service to Society

WP4: ACE2-EU Societal Partnerships And Cultural Engagement Centre (SPACE Centre); Creating Joint Service to Society and Cultural Awareness Opportunities

The main objective of this work package is to develop and deliver the student-centred joint service to society and cultural awareness learning opportunities, programmes and activities of the alliance in collaboration with relevant external stakeholders through the establishment of the ACE2-EU Societal Partnerships And Cultural Engagement Centre (SPACE Centre). The main elements of the SPACE Centre work plan will include:

I. The creation of ACE2-EU Social Impactors which will bring together expertise in current socio- economic issues from across the alliance to develop service-to-society activities; including for example awareness campaigns, volunteering programmes, and challenge-based workshops focussed on tackling social challenges in a collective way and in partnership with government and societal stakeholder groups. Social impactors will be established in areas such as health & wellbeing, inclusion & multiculturalism, dignity, respect, and gender equality.

II. The creation of the ACE2-EU Culture Hub which brings together cultural expertise drawn from alliance members and their relevant external partners to expand the collective knowledge of the different cultures of alliance members to enhance integration, inclusion, mutual respect, and multiculturalism across our alliance.

III. The establishment of knowledge creation teams, networks, and databases of service to society and cultural expertise from across our alliance and in partnership with our external stakeholders.