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Webinar Global Case Study Challenge VE/COIL 18 March 2024

Webinar Global Case Study Challenge VE/COIL 18 march 2024

Get your Students Remote-Work-Ready with this Career-Oriented Virtual Exchange
Sign up with your BA or MA students for the GCSC 2024 Virtual Exchange program!

What is the GCSC Virtual Exchange?

The Global Case Study Challenge (GCSC):

  • 8-week Virtual Exchange (VE) program from October to December 2024
  • High-impact and Future of Work-relevant VE
  • Competency-oriented (intercultural communication, digital collaboration, and sustainability competencies)
  • Real-world business cases
  • Students present at and educators participate in a global virtual conference (Nov 20, 2024)


Why join with your students?

  • Remote-Work Readiness: Equip your students with essential digital competencies for the remote work era.
  • Global Collaboration: Teach them to navigate and thrive in cross-cultural virtual teams.
  • Sustainability and Innovation: Foster a mindset geared towards sustainable solutions and digital innovation.
  • Ahead of the Curve: Prepare students with skills that set them apart in the competitive job market.
  • Certification and Recognition: Achieve acknowledgment with a Certificate of Completion and a LinkedIn Badge.


What is the advantage for you as an educator?

  • Empower Your Students: To achieve remote career readiness, problem-solving, and presentation skills.
  • Enhance Critical Competencies: Intercultural communication, digital literacy, and sustainability.
  • Engage in Global Virtual Teamwork: Collaborate with educators and students from across 25 countries.
  • Practical Professional Development: Virtual event facilitation, collaborative grading experience, sustainable and innovative educational design, and corporate connections.
  • Global educator network: Network and develop new Virtual Exchange programs
  • Earn Recognition: Certificate of Completion and a LinkedIn Badge as a GCSC participating educator


2024 is the 7th edition of the multiple award-winning GCSC. To date, 2200 students and 70 educators from 40 universities across 25 different countries have worked together in the GCSC in 485 Global Virtual Teams.

Feel free to share with interested colleagues across the globe and help shape the future of education and prepare for a more sustainable, equitable and interconnected world.


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GCSC 2024 Presentation and Timeline

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Get your Students Remote-Work-Ready with Virtual Exchange (VE) / Cooperative Online International Learning (COIL)

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